Tweets on 2011-03-31

  • RT @TimHarford: "More or Less" can be rendered entirely in mathematical symbols: > ˅ < <<<<< isn't that the emoticon for "wince" ? #
  • RT @qikipedia: If you have things to do this afternoon, don't click this link: (Srsly, don't click it) #
  • New website for Notts Fire and Rescue – huge improvement on the old one! #
  • @benrav they have to store securely the info you send them for a fair old number of years, no? #
  • @10anta no idea what you're talking about #
  • Putting bread in toaster, and – not for first time – humming "you've gotta pitta pocket or two, boys!" #
  • RT @dr_nick: RT @DavidGArnold: A man walks into a library and says

    "I hope you don't have a book on reverse psychology."? ? ? #

  • @10anta would that be the same @sarahbrown1984 who has protected tweets that I cannot read? #
  • @alixmortimer these days, don't have time to read them before I get fined 😦 #
  • @Alexander_Ball I hope you apologised for FiReControl! #
  • RT @StefJoynson: @alexfoster Try driving past Joe Lane every day. "Joe Lane, Joe Laaaane, I'm begging of you please don't take my man" #
  • Just finished watching "Silk" – liked it very much. #
  • After crashing every day for the last goodness knows how long, it looks like Shockwave has actually quit my PC, leaving only black boxes. #
  • I'm just drinking *one* ouzo and lychee juice before bedtime. #
  • @liberalteapot necessity. The drinks cabinet is an awfully long way away at this time of night and the ouzo was right there. #
  • RT @MitchBenn: Is it just me or does this guy look like a house? #
  • Love the smell of Riso ink in the morning (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #

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