Tweets on 2011-03-26

  • Someone else's cat on the car port roof. #
  • For when merely having an island in your kitchen isn't enough – and you need an iPhone controlled robo-island #
  • Grinding my teeth to Royal Centre's hold music from Sound of Music. Second time round for "My Favourite Things" now. #
  • @10anta it's been broken twice in last two months. Both times DDOS. #
  • Yay, cheap tix for @fentonstevens in Yes Prime Minister. #
  • @10anta maybe only the DINKYs can afford village life? #
  • @10anta or maybe you're the only straights in the village? #
  • @fentonstevens clocked it in brochure, thought it looked interesting, but your blog and tweets reminded me it was on. #
  • If there's anyone left out there who hasn't had a two month free trial, let me know, I have vouchers to give away. #
  • Hope I didn't misshear – really looking forward to all the latest arse muesli on Front Row. #bbcr4 #
  • @fentonstevens ps almost full house, only balcony seats left #
  • V tempted by this slightly fiddly but lovely looking Colomba Pasquale – Easter Dove Cake #
  • @Mighty_Booth 1997! #
  • More fun than reporting potholes to the Council #
  • @NGHodder nordic walking? #
  • @MadameNottm that was better in my mind. #
  • So, Earth Hour 2011 is later on Saturday? during Earth Hour 2010 we had a candle misfortune that left wax all over our front room 😦 #

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