Tweets on 2011-03-25

  • Leaflethog. Sun shining, lovely day. Someone round here's got a bbq going, which seems like brilliant idea. Was sausages for tea anyway! #
  • First dog bite of the season. Happily through layers of leaflet so didn't break skin. #
  • @moviemistakes my computer does that too. #
  • RT @stephenbarker: It must be. The sign says so. << wow. Looks like it needs a LOT of investment. #
  • Ooh, got home at just the right time. We now have a window cleaner! #
  • Window cleaner making very sarcastic remarks about the awful truth: it's five years since they were last done – by him, for previous owner. #
  • @bykimbo egg free fat rascals? (had to google what they were!) #
  • RT @ianvisits: Because everyday needs a picture of a cat yawning while holding a can of beer via reddit #
  • RT @dan_lepard: I'm not familar with "Dan Lepard's no-knead technique" @KaveyF << gets popcorn, settles in #
  • @MadameNottm I did ask but he doesn't. #
  • My bbq lighting skills clearly need practice. Even the firelighters have gone out! #
  • @sarabedford is that legal? #
  • Chasing sausage with tongs and making mental note that that bit of garden isn't as level as it looks. #
  • At this rate I'll just have ruined the neighbour's washing without actually producing a meal. #
  • A sizzle! A definite sizzle! #
  • @DrewCR0 check it's not fizzy first #
  • RT @madeupstats: German mathematicians think about sechs every 10 minutes. #
  • RT @madeupstats: 15% of over-40s think that LOL stands for 'lots of love'. Eg: "Sorry to hear of your husband's death. LOL, Jane #
  • HOTEL BRISTOL CAEN – describes its carpark as "interesting during the day" …! #
  • @ScottyWalks blimey looks like some kind of palace! #
  • RT @kayray: @CoriS @alexfoster #

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