Tweets on 2011-03-23

  • @Psythor aaaah, thought that was just me when it did that! #

  • Michael caramel profiteroles. Got eaten before I remembered to photograph them! #
  • No Atlantis is Too Underwater or Too Fictional #
  • Just identified source of "night circulation" errors on solar panel. Its clock was 7 hours slow… #
  • @Psythor @sillypunk yes. Although less smartly if you're not actually going on stage, it's a suits and frocks gig. Formal pics will be taken #
  • @sillypunk @psythor oh, shoes? who cares! Our invites all went big on the solemnity of the occasion but stopped short of dress code. #
  • RT @lordbonkers: Blogged… Zuffar Haq to fight Leicester South He will be a stronger candidate too <<< WHS #
  • How does the Chancellor have the power to change planning law? doesn't it need primary legislation that is actually debated in the HoC? #

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