Tweets on 2011-03-14

  • My first Audioboo: A funny thing happened at the stage door #
  • Reading this detailed account of Japanese nuclear incident whilst waiting for sound files to process / upload. #
  • Wants to watch Godzilla: #
  • Wants to watch Godzilla: #
  • Injecting files. This might take several minutes << hurry up, I'm the last lib dem at #ldconf #
  • Finally leaving Sheffield. Track my progress home. #
  • @rfenwick there are many worse possible compromises than weekly evensong. #
  • @NickThornsby LDV sound on same licence as text which I think is BY-NC. #
  • Sublime to ridiculous. Battle: LA (@ Cineworld Nottingham) #
  • @ceekayell @rfenwick I dunno? laudamus? #
  • Well. Battle for L A was pretty danm terrible. #
  • @dr_nick They jump / hop / flap quite a long way. Are they laying yet? #
  • @Psythor Prob sat too close to screen to get best out of it and really hated disorienting first person handheld camera. #
  • @dr_nick I've seen them get almost that high to steal blueberries off bush #
  • Not sleepy. Perhaps I'll make some cocoa and start catching up on #wonders #
  • @catherinerw @rfenwick @ceekayell sermOns on special occasions only. I miss the Comfortable Words on weekdays. #

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