Tweets on 2011-03-13

  • Someone mentioned the G word on twitter, and so now I am thinking about gin. #
  • Right. Popping out to get gin, coffee, batteries and a fourway. And probably to be booed at by protestors again. #
  • @po8crg the security staff and police have been very helpful and friendly #

  • We've got distracted from shopping list @helenduffett #
  • @Linguagroover you might think that, I couldn't, etc #
  • @bykimbo that's the main reason I HAVE a food blog! #
  • @strmrgn yes, technology willing, there will be podcast of Clegg q&a. #
  • @strmrgn yes, technology willing, there will be podcast of Clegg q&a. #
  • Dagnabbit. Gin confiscated by security. No glass bottles. I can have it back when I leave. #ldconf #
  • @Linguagroover ps, not sure there's enough gin in Sheffield to forget. #
  • @A_C_McGregor say it as often as you like, I'm not shaking that ass. #
  • Nick Clegg might be able to conceal his horns but his tail is sticking out his jacket. No, wait, it's his radio mic. #ldconf #

  • Transport planner kitties. #
  • V v distracted by "upward mobile Asian chick" Baroness Falkner's garment. Is it a coat or a dress? #
  • I'm definitely getting to grips with this building a bit better – have found a cupboard full of cloches and a lift from LDV rm to exhibition #
  • @helenduffett yes yes yes! deffo live tweet the @praterRaines fringe! I want to sense the murmurs of discontent! #
  • Much hilarity as I reclaim gin. Good natured security team reluctant to relinquish a perk. #

  • Judging by the tech on the table, the answer to who runs the internet is "we do." #
  • Ooh, the leader of the Pirate Party has come to the @libdemvoice fringe. #ldconf #
  • Heh. @drevanharris has a "friend" who is familiar with internet piracy. Perhaps we have a mutual friend. #
  • Having deliberately filthy convo to see if I can make security guard snigger. #
  • Jiminy, all I've eaten all day was breakfast and one small piece of cake. Prob still over on calories. #
  • RT @jamesgraham: How many other party conferences have protestors with megaphones loudly welcoming new party policy on banking? #ldconf #
  • Special clap for the police. They've been great – helpful, friendly and cheerful even in the middle the night. And they outnumber protesters #

  • Full hall watching on as Don Foster auctions a £20 note. #

  • Clegg starting #ldconf speech with Japan #
  • Our prayers are with Japan, says atheist… #ldconf #
  • Three glasses of water on stage for Clegg, whose throat is shredded. #ldconf #
  • RT @jamesgraham: Clegg now embracing Shirley Williams and (implicitly) the SDP. This is not exactly an "orange bookers" speech. #ldconf #

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