Tweets on 2011-03-11

  • "Have your next meeting in Canada!" says google ad. I shall be suggesting this at Liberal Drinks tonight. #
  • RT @libdemvoice: Paul Burstow writes: I will be listening to members on NHS at #ldconf #
  • RT @10anta: Want to know where your council's money goes? Put 50p in drinks machine, bought 20p drink – got 60p change #wtf #
  • Eek. I think I put a bit too much pepper into that pasta sauce. My mouth is still glowing. #
  • Having a go on Nintendo 3DS at exhibition in Market Sq. Didn't want one anyway and I now know it makes my eyes hurt. #

  • If I take my glasses off, it'd be blurry, not 3D. #
  • Exchanging leaflets to see what others are saying (@ Fellows, Morton & Clayton) #

  • Not sure, but I think there might be a cat hiding behind that curtain #
  • Extremely unenlightening squabble about AV on @r4today. Some woman who was just plain wrong and someone called Roland Rat. #yestoav #
  • @chriskeating if you've been called to the bar, mine's a pint. #
  • @rfenwick I think I speak for all of Twitter when I say GET A ROOM #
  • There will be an open day at Notts Fire Museum, which is at Mansfield Fire Station. March 20th, 10am-4pm. #
  • RT @qwghlm: via @TheOnion – Responsible, Thoughtful Nation Decides To Ignore Charlie Sheen Situation << THIS #

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