Tweets on 2011-03-09

  • @journodave same ingredients, but separate eggs and beat whites to fluff before recombining #
  • Proposing marriage to random strangers using the Facebook account left logged in on a sample iPad in Argos. #
  • @10anta maybe she's made her first billion and wants to give something back. #
  • RT @nickwarren: It was a strangely happy affair… as if the mourners were secretly glad I was dead. I left before the wake. #
  • @Smuttley nope, $6 per reader who opens an account on Groupon and spends money. I think. #
  • @kayray @CoriS eek, judging by the contact deets they hold for me, I haven't logged into Kiva in over 5 years! Thanks for reminding me. #
  • Oh dear. I have unused credit that has been sitting around in microloans for years. Will loan it out again! Previous loans repaid. #
  • For the record, it turns you can make galettes with rye flour. #
  • Letter in the post today about my NHS Summary Care Record. I don't mind having one so long as it doesn't lead to Summary Execution #
  • Hearing about the police settlement on the radio today, I reserved judgement until I'd read what Gadget thought #
  • @willhowells @andylim QR codes breaking into estate agency #

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