Tweets on 2011-02-10

  • @Meryl_F gave V5 log book to Renault garage but didn't get a receipt or owt. #
  • @tom_geraghty are you there now? *gets travel thrill by proxy* #
  • @rfenwick here's a recommendation: never go to a restaurant on Valentines Day. It'll be too crowded for even halfway decent service #
  • @melodysparks I'm a fairly established Twitter user! Was in the Eve Post about it and everything! #
  • @rfenwick this much I learned from Waiter Rant blog. don't think I have ever actually been wines and dined on Valentines Day myself. #
  • @rfenwick I don't think he can afford the sorts of restaurants I like #
  • has been sent Seven – Feature: #
  • Good grief, if Rowan Williams thinks something is "wordy"… #
  • @rfenwick I think my reputation is more vulnerable than his #
  • @helenduffett do you not make them write thank you letters? We once had a work experience teen who didn't know how to address an envelope. #
  • @JaysFan1992 not me, ducky! #
  • @helenduffett think he means @alex23foster #
  • @NCCLols and this is what's costing over half a million a year. #
  • @Foxfontaine I don't think my freshly laundered fitted sheet is dry enough for me to practice yet. #
  • These things are ridiculously cute. #
  • If @johnprescott wants to read the Shipping Forecast, it's here. No reason the rest of us should have to hear it. #
  • @cjmillsnun I'm happy for forecast to be on radio, just don't want to hear it read by Lord Prescott. #

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