Pudding club: Tarte borguinione

The latest outing to Pudding Club was Eric Lanlard’s Tarte borguinione, a pastry shell filled with a chocolate frangipane and topped with red wine poached pears.

I first thought of making it back in March last year, when Lanlard’s Glamour Puds was on TV. I wrote about it on my blog and linked to the recipe so that I knew I could find it when I wanted it.

When it came to clicking it and finding the recipe, ach, horror of horrors, it was gone!

I found a copy here at Homemade Delights and made it according to those instructions. More or less.

Finally, I have also found the Lanlard version here on the C4 website.

It is a ramped up version of this tarte, which I made once a few years ago.

The night before: halve, core ((coring pears is difficult. Any tips?)) and poach three similar sized pears in 200mls of red wine, 250 grams of sugar and a cinnamon stick. Boil it up with the pears in and leave to steep until cold, then refrigerate overnight.

The following morning, blind bake a pastry case: 8oz of flour, 4oz of butter, 1oz sugar, enough milk to bring the dough together. Fridge for a bit then squidge it into the pastry case or roll out and press it in. Blind bake at 180 till golden.

Then make a chocolate frangipan out of 125g butter (it says use unsalted, but I never bother buying that specially), 95g caster sugar, 3 eggs, 125g ground almond, 55g cocoa powder. Mix together in the Kenwood and pour into the cooled pastry case.

Then slice the pears perpendicular to the stem and use a large knife to transfer the slices artistically onto the chocolate almond cream.

Bake at 180 deg C for 30 mins. If it’s going to be a while before eating, glaze it with heated seedless raspberry jelly.


Tarte borguinione

Rather helpfully, after I had made this last week, the Evening Post phoned, saying they wanted to do a full page spread about Come Dine With Me and could they take an action photo of me in the kitchen? I could helpfully pretend to have whipped up a tarte specially for their photo.

Here’s their story. Must buy a copy of the picture.


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