Tweets on 2011-02-06

  • Eek. First time back at gym since before wedding 😦 (@ Nottingham Tennis Centre) #
  • To Nuthall church, for District Ringing practice. #
  • Heading homewards wondering if I have enough clean saucepans for what I plan to.cook. #
  • Gah! That was way too much flour for this much roux. #
  • How can anything with that much cheese in taste so… uncheesy? Cheeseless? #
  • @doctorvee they need the Magic of Flickr. #

  • Wow, Davros baby walker RT @SFXmagazine: Most mental sight of the weekend: DALEK BABY ATTACK! AARGH! #
  • Irishing up a carton of smoothie probably doesn't count as part of your #5aday Prob just as well I'm over today. #
  • Loving Wartime Housewife's Household Hint #

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