CDWM blogging

I had planned to blog loads on the subject of Come Dine With Me during the week it was on TV, but this week has been too hectic, and I have felt too tired to get much out.

Feeling tired no longer seems to be linked to how much I have done. 😦

Anyhoo. During the week, I took a few cameraphone pictures and I was under strict instructions not to publish them or share them until after the show had aired. They wanted to keep costumes, and everything else as secret as possible until after the TV programmes had actually been broadcast. In particular, we were told not to let anyone know who had won / lost. The threat they had over us was that the contract we signed meant they could charge us the presumably significant costs of recording, if what we revealed meant that it was no longer possible for them to sell the show to Channel 4.

Those pics are now all here in a Flickr group.

I am sure I will find the energy to write about them some time soon.


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