Tweets on 2011-02-04

  • RT @marcshelkin: Orange Wednesdays.The original brief was "how do we get more people in cinemas midweek.<< did "reduce prices" ever come up? #
  • @kathyclugston quick! choose a book! #
  • RT @sueperkins: RT @danielmaier: Take one musical instrument and one dyslexic and…voila! #
  • @ramtops they did shots of me with cats but cats were mostly frightened by camera. Would've used shots I'm sure if cat hair in food! #
  • @binny_uk hah, yes, that too. Or stop the teenagers talking and fighting all the way through! #
  • @Hugo_Rune only in your eyes Hugo 🙂 🙂 #
  • Actually, I have to be honest. That stuffed mushroom was delicious. Then again I was totes starving. #cdwm #
  • Haha, they didn't use my comment on Brian's pudding – "looked like a plate of warm sick". Thought that would be in for sure! #cdwm #
  • @arthriticdonkey I wish I looked like Robert Webb! #
  • @bird42 they were stuffed with whisky-soaked raisins and served with honey. Would have been alright if the icecream hadn't melted. #
  • @10anta don't know – it's weird. #
  • @10anta and it was the taking part that mattered to me 🙂 #
  • @arthriticdonkey flatterer! #
  • @FolkyDokeyRich you're too kind 🙂 #
  • Worrying that if I put my bin out in this wind, it might not be there in the morning. #
  • @dr_nick no aftershock. We drank most of a bottle of tequila every night. Drinking games in Brian's bedroom before final course. #
  • This week's @PodDelusion includes massive plug for @Librivox #
  • RT @qwghlm: So it turns out if you put all the McBain clips in the Simpsons back-to-back you get a coherent plot arc #
  • @doctorvee I use LibSyn in the US; iPadio is supposed to be pretty good too. #
  • RT @CouncilMouse: How did Nottingham city councillor fare on Come Dine with Me this week…? #
  • @Meryl_F can it be cooked ahead and reheated? Also: soups never win. 🙂 #

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