Tweets on 2011-02-01

  • Five outside broadcast vans and a bunch of rozzers outside Crown Court today. Wonder who's up. #
  • Wants to watch Sleeping With The Enemy: #
  • @sarabedford I'm a bit funny about vegetables. #
  • @cjmillsnun most of them were nicer than they come across on telly. Shields up in most cases. #
  • @dr_nick lots of what was shown was 3rd / 4th take because other guys talked over everyone else. "Stop… one at a time" #
  • @___MissE w00t 🙂 #
  • RT @Hugo_Rune: The ponce in the specs and the grandad pully is a complete tosspot #cdwm #
  • RT @Hugo_Rune: Fuck off you specky boring TWAT #cdwm #
  • @dr_nick don't really have anything between jeans and a shirt and full on suit. #
  • Hmm. Think there's a small white furry reason why the hyacinths are looking so sorry for themselves. #
  • @Psythor on verra. #
  • RT @AndrewSimpson71: Did they trawl Nottingham for the 5 dullest people they could find? #cdwm #
  • I'm expecting my mother will be using the phrase "tidy like I think is tidy" a lot tomorrow. #
  • Hey, @councilmouse, "all four of the city's MPs"? Count again! #

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