Tweets on 2011-01-23

  • I'm at St Pancras Station (STP) (St Pancras International Station, Pancras Rd, London) w/ 4 others #
  • The team is assembled. Disturbing amount of computer power arrayed around table. Arguing over who gets use of the sole electrical socket. #
  • @MadameNottm I knew it didn't look right. #
  • @ianvisits ask me that again on Feb 15th. erk #
  • Quick pint before heading home. (@ The Betjeman Arms (Geronimo) w/ @helenduffett) [pic]: #
  • @artesea blimey that was quick #
  • @sarabedford some of us had longer journeys! #
  • @HilaryAlexander try the Amt Espresso booth near the domestic platforms – much better! #
  • @radinden I find putting the knife into the toast before trying the butter is often enough to warm it sufficiently. #
  • @rfenwick I got one of those for Christmas but have yet not had an opportunity to use it. #
  • @rfenwick alternative response: is the internal thermometer for you or the bird? #
  • @rfenwick regrettably not been able to rewatch that many times, and now would not be a good time to start. #
  • @rfenwick I recalled the incident I was just not word perfect. #
  • @robinstaple nothing else affected #
  • @rfenwick I don't have a life. I have elections. #

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Pudding Club: Sussex Pond pudding

For the origins of Pudding Club, see here. For all the recipes in the series, click the tag.

Pudding club restarted in the new year, and I made a steamed pudding. I had planned to try and make my own Christmas pudding this year, and for much of the time I had all the right ingredients but no pudding basin. I toyed with the idea of re-using the plastic ones that supermarket Christmas puddings come in, but in the end, as with so many things Christmas this year, I prevaricated for too long and put it off till next year.

But with the idea in my mind that steamed puddings might be something I would like to tackle, I was thrilled to see a variety of pudding basins in Lakeland remaindered to sell. I plumped for a rather nice Mason & Cash affair with robins and snowflakes painted on it, at least partly because I couldn’t find the 2l metal with a sealing lid which I didn’t see until after I’d passed through the tills.

So to christen the basin, I decided to make a Sussex Pond pudding, following this BBC recipe, for once, almost entirely to the letter.

The one exception was the size of the basin. The recipe calls for a 1.5 litre basin; in the shop they told me the Mason & Cash affair was 600ml. When I measured it for myself, filled to the brim, it was more like 800. But it was definitely smaller than the recipe called for.

And yet, I made it to the measurements, and it all fit in perfectly.

Here’s the ingredients going in:

Sussex Pond pudding

A good thick layer of suet pastry, butter and dark sugar at the base, then skewered ((the recipe suggests using a larding needle or skewer. I wonder how many more people have skewers than larding needles)) lemons on top, then the rest of the butter and sugar.

Into the basin, covered with a foil and parchment lid with a pleat in it, and tied up with string. I was dead chuffed with how this looked when it was completed as so often my craft attempts look far from good when done.

Then steamed. I used my stock pot and a smaller pudding pot to hold the basin off the bottom. I then steamed for four hours, with a view to allowing the pudding to cool completely, transport it to our friends, and then boil again for about forty minutes to warm before serving.

Sussex Pond pudding

At this point it was a little nerve-wracking. The pudding was sealed in its basin and I had no idea whether it would turn out, whether it was properly cooked and how it would taste when it turned out.

It turned out just fine.

Sussex Pond pudding

Then the question was clearly how would it taste? And would the lemons actually be edible, after all that cooking?

What happens is the lemon juice leaks out of the skewer holes, muddles with the melted butter and sugar and forms a dense syrup. With the pith from the lemons still there, this certainly ends up a very adult taste, sweet, lemony but with also a fairly strong marmalady bitterness as an edge to the flavour.

Sussex Pond pudding

The lemons were not edible.

Some of us had it with custard; others with cream. Our toddler friends preferred the custard to the pudding.

Back again II

This blog has now moved host and is hopefully with a more attentive provider who knows more about how WordPress works.

In doing so, we identified a 300 MB error log that the previous host hadn’t mentioned I should look at. Unfortunately a log of that size is simply very difficult to open, so the only thing we’ve done with it is delete it. If it starts to get large again we’ll have a look to see whether it’s anything important.

I’ve been very impressed at how easy it was to transfer hosts, once I’d divulged my cPanel login details to my new host. There was a “copy everything” tool that works on two website backends running cPanel, and one cPanel can switch everything automatically behind the scenes from one host to the next with just a single script running in the background. Then DNS needed restarting, and voila, the site is moved.

Since we’re now relocated, I have turned everything back on, so the automatic reposting of things I write for (should there be anything; at the moment I am allocating my time to uploading other people’s posts and struggling a little to write about politics) and my daily tweet post should keep things ticking over when I’m I’m too busy and disorganised to post.

It is controversial and I know not everyone likes it. However, I have had comments – mostly in person – from people who are not on twitter and like keeping up with my twitter witterings. It does strike me that those that like it least are the ones that have an opportunity to read them already because they are twitter members.

I’ve been looking for a plugin that allows readers to select which version of the site they like – sans, or avec tweets. I have found plugins that automatically exclude entire categories based on the host’s settings, but nothing that allows the readers to make their own choice, or set up a feed for one or the other.

Unless you know different, as they say?

Tweets on 2011-01-22

  • RT @po8crg: It is 65 years since an invading army crossed the Rhine – the longest period since the Roman Empire. #
  • @bykimbo six biscuits is not a binge. Six packets is a binge. #
  • Confession time. I haven't watched the Dr Who Christmas special yet and I'm not sure I can be bothered. #
  • Hmmm. After such a crazy 2010, I'm not sure if I have anything much to look forward to in 2011. #
  • Don't ask 27b/6 to make a lost cat poster. #
  • IKEA's Large Hadron Collider – ian o'neill's posterous #
  • @willhowells did it involve climbing on the roof? #
  • "Leisure facilities include; indoor pool, sauna, steam room, snail shower, aroma grotto, ice fountain and technogym." snail shower?! #
  • Wandering down to the living room for chocolate and humming "Buy more stock in Roses." #
  • @mithomas20 *late* May, I hope? 🙂 #
  • @kayray it's 3am. It's not on now. #
  • @kayray is it so good it's worth waiting to go when P can see it too? #
  • Hahaha, "trout pout". #cdwm #
  • Why is it no-one on #CDWM can ever make a blender work? #
  • On the internet talking about @adamrio #
  • Ho ho. Happy 2nd of Jan. An email arrives from Amazon extolling healthy eating ideas. #
  • Including a section entitled "American Cuisine" with a picture of a box of Nestlé Lucky Charms. #
  • "Jerusalem" at a wedding? Who wants dark satanic mills at a wedding? Apart from Paul McCartney. #
  • Oz and Hugh visit Leintwardine in tonight's show, apparently. I found last week's weird and uncomfortable. #
  • @rfenwick where to? #
  • Is it just my eyes or are these maltesers moving? #
  • So many red herrings! Helen? Road accident? Falling off Lower Loxley roof? #sattc #
  • Who is Amy? #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @ceekayell: @alexfoster She is the vicars daughter, conveniently recently trained as a midwife <<< hahaha #
  • "That's a good idea" NO! NO IT'S NOT! I actually mind about Nigel and David! #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @LonelyWonderer: Not the banner! #thearchers #sattc #
  • RT @corfmeister: RT @SidPerksGhost: I know what’s wrong with Helen; the babies cloven hoof is stuck! #Archers #TheArchers #sattc #
  • Yes, Nigel, crack open the bubbly and THEN go and get the banner in! #thearchers #sattc #
  • Maybe Tony strangles Helen with his bare hands? #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @LonelyWonderer: DON'T GO ON THE ROOF!!! #thearchers #sattc #
  • Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep #thearchers #sattc #
  • Nigel is starting to sound very much like Mrs Overall's death speech. #sattc #
  • Annoyed by cover of Private Eye. Jesus was dead by 30 and wouldn't have had to repay tuition fees. #

  • RT @kathyclugston: RT @miche: Nigel Pargeter, pictured earlier: #
  • @agnt_orange fair amount of time thinking, anything from an hour a week to full time for writing and managing. Entirely up to you. #
  • @agnt_orange see also #
  • Oh, good grief, I thought Homeopaths without Borders was going to be a satire, but it turns out they're real. #
  • RT @dwbullock: RT @gusbbaker: My grandad gave me Bonnie Tyler's car for xmas. Awful present. Every now and then it falls apart. #
  • Loving the campsite method of roasting a chicken in a bucket as demonstrated on Hugh & Oz Raise the Bar. #
  • @owenblacker more evidence of the increasing urbanisation of the planet. #
  • Wants to watch Is It Just Me?: #

  • I rather like the new Virgin Atlantic ad. Not that I can afford to fly to the States any time soon! #
  • @TimHarford all the more astonishing when you consider someone created @henryarcher before the end of last night's broadcast #
  • Wants to watch Quantum Leap – Season 1: #
  • Wants to watch Quantum Leap – Season 2: #
  • Lolling @psythor's report request for @poddelusion. #
  • @Psythor "so, yeah, this 'rocket science' – it's hardly rocket science, is it?" #
  • Good grief, really? Seated eye height? Maybe this is why my shoulders hurt. #
  • @jimeasterbrook lots of issues around that confusion that occurs when your home is your workplace. #
  • Oh, gawd, please no, not another headache. #
  • @agnt_orange no, a reflection that the market was bizarrely skewed away from Lib Dem win, which is at least possible if not likely. #
  • @willhowells I have a box of food mouldering in the conservatory I just can't bring myself to eat. Must try harder. #
  • Trying to think: did yesterday's headache start shortly after shovelling a truckload of cheese into my cakehole, like todays? #
  • Yeah, alright Google, my hand slipped. No need to mock. "Showing results for savoury muffins. Search instead for saavoury muffins" #
  • RT @CharlotteGore: once pissed off editor of local paper, who printed my pic with the caption, "Special kind of crazy" <<< lol, no comment. #
  • Is it possible to get a reasonably priced mini-hifi with an iPod dock, a DAB radio and two aux inputs? #
  • I'm hungry. It's the middle of the night. My thoughts are turning to whether there might still be any supernoodles in the cupboard. #
  • Hitting all of the major foodgroups today: cheese AND supernoodles. #
  • @LloydieJL I hope you don't have some sort of moral / cultural objection to the humble supernoodle. #
  • Oh, erk. How can something so healthy-looking have 700 calories? #
  • Eek, it's down to -4 again this evening. I thought the cold snap was over. #
  • @hughmcguire cripes, how can this possibly be quicker than normal typing? #
  • Goodness me, it's cold. Still, the heating comes on in 8 minutes. And once again I've been up all night doing nothing useful. #
  • Well, I say "nothing". I have now finally finished writing Christmas cards. Must get them in the post. #
  • So… how long can you carry on eating the turkey from Christmas day? Still quite a lot left on ours. #
  • @eyupsharpy any thoughts about budget and cuisine? Expensive: French Living or Hart's or Sat Bains #
  • RT @eyupsharpy: Looking for a restaurant recommendation in Nottingham UK. any suggestions? #
  • @eyupsharpy mid-range Sinatra's, Le mistral, Petit Paris. Curry at Tamatanga or 4550 Miles from Delhi. Veggie at Squeek or Sumac. #
  • @eyupsharpy Cheap: Moulin Rouge Fish Bar, Royal Clay Oven, AYCE buffets on Parliament Street… #
  • @RatedRudeBoy yes I saw that and thought it was brilliant but narrator was all "oh, you don't get out much." #

  • Eek, The EVOO has Frozen! #
  • It's snowing again – feebly, but snowing. I thought we'd all had enough of snow. #
  • @agnt_orange assuming I'm a dullard 🙂 #
  • RT @newsaboutwomen: Vodafone to make phones easier for women to use – << bet they're pink. #
  • "Cut into a pentagram" WIN! #
  • So. It seems I have to drive 200 miles on the day the MET Office says it's going to snow heavily everywhere along the route. #fml #
  • @A_C_McGregor best off going to the cllr that represents them – use to work out who. #
  • @agnt_orange #
  • Ooh, from his phonecall, sounds like someone's put @markpack in a lead box. #
  • @LloydieJL you need to see this: #
  • If some Tories hate coalitions so much, they might try winning a majority next time (h/t @lordbonkers) #
  • *sigh* the only thing between me and Inbox Zero (on one account at least) is 22 things I can't face doing. #
  • @LloydieJL probably, so long as it is not a audiobookplug 🙂 🙂 #
  • RT @ErikPetersen: PR phoned, said she was calling "from Philadelphia". Had to stop her 30 seconds in and ask if she meant city or cheese #
  • @LloydieJL I mean even book plugs might be OK if it's on eg Amazon and we can get referral fees. #
  • @mpntod are you not bothered they're under the misapprehension (?) that the taxpayer paid for your posters? #
  • @LloydieJL yeah, see if you can get @markpack to review it. Or write about this and obliquely refer to it. #
  • @LloydieJL Or actually we wouldn't mind just putting putting link in the "LloydieJL is…" b/anno section #
  • Bleatedly realising I have all the ingredients for spag carbonara. #
  • All kinds of awesome – precision timed shot of ISS and eclipse. Happened for under 1 sec. #
  • Eiderdown #lessambitiousfilms (well less ambitious than Black Hawk Down.) #
  • @helenduffett how mysterious. #
  • Watched Law Abiding Citizen: #
  • has been sent 2012: #
  • RT @VizTopTips: COMMUTERS. Convince traffic you were on 'Come Dine With Me' by riding a black cab home and holding up numbers. #
  • UKIP are "patriotic with a small p" – is that like bollocks with a small b? #
  • @jamesmcgraw I'm sure the cat is just as sniffy about your feet. #
  • @fentonstevens is it truly a day off or are you supposed to be learning lines? 🙂 #
  • RT @journodave: I love pnemonics. They are beautiful. Beautiful. Big Elephants Are Useful To Indians For Uplifting Logs. #
  • … @journodave how about mnemonics? Many normal everyday men ought not idiotically crap spell? #
  • @doctorvee "follow me, follow me, pllllllsssss follow me, I never say anything interesting but I am X short of Y followers!!!!!!" #
  • @stephentall ooh, interesting job. Shame it's either four months or four years and four months at the wrong time. #
  • @stephentall and the person spec fits me! apart from "motivated" obvs. #
  • RT @stephentall: Fancy "an interesting compensation package"? > (ELDR) group wants a head of comms (@rfenwick?) #
  • @northernheckler see my subsequent tweet! #
  • @JChris_J it's not going to look that realistic unless there's also a camera crew and it's 4am! #
  • One man's plan to see 'Every film in 2011' #
  • @rfenwick @stephentall what… erm… An *aubergine* ? #
  • @stephentall it's not very seasonal. (@rfenwick) #
  • @rfenwick that's so headed for #hignfy #
  • @rfenwick did he make it or find it? #
  • @leighbob looks like it works! #
  • YouTube – Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets #
  • Die die die, you smug mustachioed piggie! (Stuck on the boss level quite early on) #
  • Why has Chrome started warning me that PDFs can harm my computer? #
  • Most annoyingly, how come with Chrome on one PC I can type wp or am then tab then search Wikipedia or Amazon, but not on another? #
  • Writing my first cheque of 2011. Concentrating on the date. #
  • . @kayray Maybe there are now eeeeeeeeeeeeevil PDFs out there! #
  • RT @flocktogether: #ldconf Fringe Meeting: @alexfoster added LDV Fringe on Mar. 12th at 8.00 pm – #
  • @helenduffett *biting tongue on reply* #
  • @helenduffett aha, was secret project to force Jeremy Ambache out of party and open up GLA vacancy? #
  • @duncanborrowman "Even Swype only offers cherie" sorry, what? eh? #
  • @thoroughlygood only with my "bursar" hat on – I've long since lost my personal chequebook somewhere in my house. #
  • Just popped out to sorting office with letter pile. Never knew you could get kebabbl so late.:-) (@ Uni Takeaway) #
  • Wondering why my electricity usage has more than trebled over this time last year (my heating is gas powered) #
  • Hmm. I think I maybe read the meter wrongly and entered the total figure instead of the night time only figure. #
  • @agnt_orange you need the irritating OMG I must wake up power of the Today Programme. Leap out of bed to silence Thought for Today! #
  • @agnt_orange Thrill at the annoying endless pointless questions from John Humphries #
  • @agnt_orange Ponder on whether it's homophobic to refer to Evan Davies as Tinsel Tits. ( #
  • The caterwauling outside has been going on for several nights now. Bumper crop of kittens expected this spring! #
  • @agnt_orange 6am – 9am. #
  • RT @fentonstevens: RT @4EverSteve: BBC News: HMV to close sixty stores. Is this the Vinyl Countdown? #
  • Wondering if Floella is the only Baroness with a range of ready meals to her name. #
  • Cat has been trying to catch one measly spider for twenty minutes. Just hurry up and eat it already! #
  • @LloydieJL but did they have the new square mugs? #
  • @LloydieJL Starbucks is rebranding but looks like I imagined the square mugs. #
  • Aah. When cat thinks I am not paying him enough attention, he stretches out and taps me on the arm. #
  • Hmmm nom nom, tapenade crusted chicken breasts. Teensy-weensy bit on the over-garlicky side. #
  • @markpack I note they don't think you're worthy of a bio. #
  • @newsaboutwomen No. HTH! #
  • @lordbonkers I've wondered for years if they actually get a record player, or just the discs. #
  • @doctorvee the trailers look ok #
  • RT @iaindale: RT @TomHarrisMP: I thought Reuters were novelists from Birmingham. #timvine #
  • Misreading a sentence. "The Lib Dems were always going to be outgurned on a national stage." #
  • @barton_of_notts is that the "18 Weeks" one? Would love to see a copy #
  • @jamesmcgraw it does seem to be a study in bad parenting and inability to communicate. #
  • @journodave it's STILL not an all time low! We were within the margin of error shortly after merger! #
  • @dan_lepard nothing wrong with the "German Deli" #
  • RT @libdemvoice: Crime down again…and still we're unclear why #
  • @meerkatmartin tail not that different to spine. Broken in a door or gate or fight with another cat – we don't know as out when it happened #
  • @calbryant not sure how that is possible, but then my study of cat tail anatomy only began today! #
  • Standing over cat food bowls hoping correct kitty gets drugged portion #
  • @jonathanfryer hooray! there will be a shortage of French teachers again and I might be employable! #
  • Jamie Oliver wants me to eat cheese with honey and instant coffee. #weird #
  • I'm on this week's @PodDelusion. – find out how vegetarians at pizza party, and bad widescreen affect electoral reform. #
  • Unfortunate Baker Street juxtaposition. #
  • Gah. A £0.54 discrepancy. #accounts #
  • RT @agnt_orange: Andy Coulson – so good at press management he makes his resignation top story on an otherwise Labour disaster news day… #
  • Weird – HTC phone just deleted all my text messages. #
  • Suggestion that politicians might get better response trick-or-treating than canvassing. Unfortch, treating is an election offence. #
  • thru seemed like a good idea. (@ KFC) #
  • Sweet chilli box sounded rude when I said it out loud. Then I noticed the card machine sat on something called a SpacePole. Fnarr. #
  • @JChris_J @dr_nick @magicWeston I'm guessing MSSNG VWLS RND. #
  • @Meryl_F might be morally wrong but It's not mentioned on Election Offence posters. #
  • RT @googlereader: The Reader link at the top of Gmail was accidentally removed. It's coming back soon, promise. Don't panic. (@warrenellis) #

  • The Cdwm Reveal Shot – you can often see the crew reflected in the cloche. #
  • Plants vs Zombies for the Nintendo DS « Niles’s Blog #
  • Leaving house to find police on doorstep and three cars with smashed windows. Mine not included. #
  • Which is kinda ironic since I had left ipod in glove box and fault means I haven't been able to lock car door for months. #
  • @tom_geraghty always! #
  • RT @ianvisits: Study finds "Cats do not like men with long beards, especially long dark beards" via @MarcAbrahams @pgcd #
  • Left house for train. Left tickets on stairs. Can cab get me home and to station before #UKtrain leaves? #onlytimecantell #
  • Left house for train. Left tickets on stairs. Can cab get me home and to station before #UKtrain leaves? #placebetsnow #
  • Missed train by a minute. Fortunately it's a reasonably unrestricted ticket. Unfortch that means 30 mins of hectoring from robo announcer. #
  • @Meryl_F a) distracted by police b) didn't make a list or folder this time. #
  • Wondering if Keith Olbermann's bodyguard was stupping his wife. #
  • Armed police roam this station 24 hours a day, gunning down the ticketless, people who leave luggage unattended, smokers and litter droppers #
  • @dr_nick @meryl_f senior moments all round! #
  • So, @libdemvoice/team, I'm gonna be 10-15 minutes late.#ldvmeetup #
  • @northernheckler Nottingham. looks like there's footy here today. Coppers everywhere. #
  • Robo announcer won't shut up about tickets, cctv, unattended luggage. But falls suddenly silent when train 4 mins late. #
  • Anyway, underway now, so phone off, Kindle on, #seeyouinlondon #meetmeatstpancras #
  • Hehe Meet Meat St Pancras #wellilaughedanyway #
  • Small child at adjacent table is singing. She's just switched from. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to Everybody Dance Now. #grittingteeth #

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Plants vs Zombies for the Nintendo DS

Who needs another version of Plants vs Zombies? I already own it for my PC, my iPod and my phone.

And yet an email arrives today with a trailer for a new version for the Nintendo DS.

Assuming we might one day finish Professor Layton and the Irritating Time Travel (sequel to the unputdownably annoying Professor Layton and the Irritating Village, and Layton and the Irritating Box) the DS is beginning to fall out of favour. It looks like the next instalment of Irritating Layton will be for the new Nintendo 3DS which we have no intention of buying, since we don’t really use the DS enough to justify it, and now, unlike when the DS first made it into our lives, we have phones that can do everything the DS does. (P particularly enamoured of the Sudoku app…)

Still, here’s the trailer

It’s pretty cute.

And only $19…

Eek – over a trillion owed

According to this website, the UK’s national debt has exceeded one trillion pounds – £1,000,801,455,246 when I popped by at Neil Fawcett’s recommendation.

Small wonder we’re paying £120,000,000 in interest every day – or as the Deputy Prime Minister put it at DPMQs yesterday, “enough to build a primary school every single hour. What waste. What a terrible legacy.”

By the time I’d tracked down the Hansard record of DPMQs, which I can’t link to because it isn’t a permanent record yet, the debt clock stood another four million higher at £1,000,805,121,570.

UK Laura Norder

The US TV show Law and Order is one I watch regularly – and I think I’ve seen every episode of the 22 series of the original show, most of Trial by Jury, most of SVU (although some of it is a bit disturbing). I gave up on Law and Order: Miami, however.

It was entertaining that it spawned Law and Order: UK – and a little disappointing that the first few episodes were retreads of US plots.

Now it seems that the series spin-off from the UK is heading back to the States, and BBC America have produced a handy guide to help translate some of the UK slang. NB, we had to learn the American slang for ourselves the first time around!

Not sure they have the translation of having one’s knackers cut off quite right.

And we’re back

So, it turns out that disabling Twitter Tools and FeedWordPress made no difference to how much of a CPU hog my blog is over at my shared host.

This led me to googling “WordPress CPU” – and that ended up showing me a whole host ((hehe, sorry)) of people with the same complaint.

The most common advice was to install a cache. So I have. And let’s see how we get on.

Time till next suspension… 5… 4…

New additions to RSS reader

Over the last few days I appear to have stuffed a whole bunch of new things into the “Funnehs” category of my RSS reader – I use Google Reader.

Funnehs is by far the largest single category, although “Nottingham” probably gets the most post, half down to the high amount of traffic in the Nottingham Flickr photos group. I like reading that, because it gives you a flavour of some of the most beautiful bits of the city, as well as some of the most striking for whatever reason. And it’s a great tracker for seasonal events – there are always a flurry of photos showing how Nottingham marks its year, from the winter ice rink in Market Square, through the February big wheel, down to events over the summer and culminating in Goose Fair – a magnet for photographers wanting to show off what they can do with a long exposure in the dark.

But back to the Funnehs – I have a strong liking for sites that take the mickey out of everyday things. It plays well to my extremely sarcastic sense of humour. Several of these links involve swearing.

Most recently, we have:

Awkward moments with Ed Miliband

Find it: here

Why: Ed Miliband, like Cherie Blair, seems to be a difficult person to take a good photo of. There was some suggestion that for a number of years, newspaper editors were deliberately choosing the ones of Cherie that made her mouth look big. Are people deliberately publishing the embarrassing photos of MiliE ?

Wackaging. It’s packaging and it’s wacky.

Find it: here

Why: Don’t you just hate some of these packets that overemphasise their cute homely origins and yet still read like they’ve been in product development with a team of copywriters for months? Yes? So do these guys.

The Monkeys you Ordered

Find it: here

Why: This is the New Yorker cartoon, stripped of its satirical caption and in its place, something more descriptive. The result is weirdly compelling and hilarious.

Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Find it: here

Why: it’s a regular reminder of the importance of a sense of perspective. When you’ve had your third meeting in a week discussing the content of FOCUS straplines that will be read by few people and digested by even fewer, pop by here to remind yourself what your readers really think.

Interestingly, all of these new blogs use Tumblr, a very simple blog platform that seems to be mainly targetted at people who want to get a lot of photos up cleanly and simply. And what all of them miss is simple “reblogging” buttons – the Cheeseburgr empire always give you free code to reblog their content that automatically links back to their post, thus driving their traffic. The Tumblr blogs don’t seem to do that, unless you’re already a tumblr user.