Plants vs Zombies for the Nintendo DS

Who needs another version of Plants vs Zombies? I already own it for my PC, my iPod and my phone.

And yet an email arrives today with a trailer for a new version for the Nintendo DS.

Assuming we might one day finish Professor Layton and the Irritating Time Travel (sequel to the unputdownably annoying Professor Layton and the Irritating Village, and Layton and the Irritating Box) the DS is beginning to fall out of favour. It looks like the next instalment of Irritating Layton will be for the new Nintendo 3DS which we have no intention of buying, since we don’t really use the DS enough to justify it, and now, unlike when the DS first made it into our lives, we have phones that can do everything the DS does. (P particularly enamoured of the Sudoku app…)

Still, here’s the trailer

It’s pretty cute.

And only $19…


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