Tweets on 2011-01-30

  • Catching up with #cdwm Sweetbreads?! Brave! #
  • Now starting to get really nervous about my Channel 4 début next week. Will I get death threats too? #
  • Refilling shampoo bottles from pouches. Should stave off the eco-apocalypse another few minutes. #savingtheplanet #
  • RT @sueperkins: Oh, and I wear the trousers in relationship [w/ @GilesCoren]. END OF x <<< this was never in doubt. #
  • @warrenellis would you like us to maybe set your house on fire? You'd feel warm for the rest of your life. #
  • @dwbullock tape within marriage, hmmm? We've moved on to MPEGs now. #
  • RT @miltonline: I put my oven at 180 degrees, and now all the shelves have fallen on the floor. #
  • @Meryl_F yup, C4 phoned to say it had moved to next week – my cooking night 1st Feb. #
  • @sarabedford you talking backups or collaborations? I use mozy to backup, dropbox to share. both are great. #
  • Dropbox FTW #
  • @JChris_J @SophWheeler looks like next Saturday is a repeat of Aberdeen. #

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