Tweets on 2011-01-26

  • @jamesgraham I'm a big fan of Opera Mini on my phone, but it's still chrome for me on the desktop. #
  • Making a quick decision (@ Caralot) #
  • I'm at IKEA #
  • I'm gonna be on Come Dine With Me next week – I cook Tuesday. #cdwm #
  • @Psythor scary contract! #
  • I'm at Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave (Burton Avenue, Nottingham) #
  • @sarabedford how do you serve gherkins? #
  • My oven stopped cooking my lamb shank at 7.30pm and I've only just got to eat it. Still yummy! #
  • @dr_nick OK ta. Googled. Doesn't look nice! #
  • @tom_geraghty seemed to be slightly sticky but it's up. #
  • One Stop Promotions has emailed to say they now have ISO 9001. How do you respond? "Congrats" ? "Will deff buy more stuff now!" #
  • @dr_nick now corrected, ta #
  • Small children and digital cameras (my nephew takes a mean photo already) @dr_nick #

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