Tweets on 2011-01-25

  • Ctte-tastic (@ Loxley House) [pic]: #
  • @turtlestack nooo, I like it! #
  • The Constitutional Support Officer (formerly known as a committee clerk) has snubbed me by forgetting only my name plate. #
  • Raising the issue of very low numbers of women – just one – on the board of our local LEP. #
  • Phoned garage back. The phrase "catastrophic fatal engine failure" featured. #
  • Apparently the water pump fell off, slack in the cam belt got caught up around the rest of the engine, and it pulled itself apart. #
  • RT @MadameNottm: @alexfoster Gosh! Alex, when you f*** something, it really *is* f***ed…. #
  • Putting some money on my bus pass, just in case. #

  • Old Market Square At Dusk. #
  • @kayray eek! #
  • Unfortunate accidental innuendo with live web chat. "My website is down. Can you help me get it up?" #
  • Not reassured by tech support's vague response: "Keanu: soon the server will be up
    Keanu: we have partially fixed the issue" #
  • Thank you, Keanu, that's great. I'll be partially paying the bills this month. #
  • Which website do you think I'm trying to fix, @10anta ? #
  • @10anta LiveChatting with tech support to try and ascertain problem. #
  • RT @libdemvoice: We are aware of the outage and are having a Chat with support with a view to returning normal service as soon as possible. #
  • @doctorvee just hoover the spider already #
  • @rfenwick hmm, @technicalfault looks like a keeper. #
  • RT @libdemvoice: We're back. Thanks for bearing with us. Our host suffered an outage this evening. #
  • @rfenwick on a par with the evil laugh I got #
  • @rfenwick I'm judging on just @technicalfault's mugshot, but seems fine to me. #
  • @moviemistakes "harder to come by" ? Oh dear. #
  • @JChris_J phone tax office, talk to them, make provisional payment, and they might let you off hook for £100 fine. #
  • RT @stephenbarker: So you want to be happy?: #
  • Registering to use National Savings & Investments website appears to need me to print a PDF and post it to them. Oh, dear. #

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