Christmas cooking

Way too much!

Still not quite over my cold so spent quite a lot of today sleeping too.

Still, turkey dinner went OK. In addition to the trimmings we had:

Homemade, slightly burnt, panettone for breakfast:


Based loosely on this recipe.

Christmas lunch starter was a Pea & Parmesan Tart:


Based loosely on this recipe, but with an extremely crumbly olive oil pastry.

The trimmings with the turkey dinner were: sausagemeat stuffing, roast potatoes, carrot and maple syrup purée, braised red cabbage, sprouts, bread sauce, cider gravy.

For pudding, I attempted my own version of Dan Lepard’s Mont Blanc layer cake.

I still can’t do meringues, even with the Kenwood! I can’t get them stiff enough before I worry I’ve over-beaten them, so they end up spreading in the oven and are bigger than planned.

So, in my version, the meringues are sandwiched together with dark chocolate and a cream of cream, chestnut purée and marscapone all whipped together.

Still looked rather good, if a bit blurry by the end of the mealtime:


(no, we didn’t manage to eat all of that in one sitting. I flaked after lunch and and a four-hour snooze, then we had pudding.)

It’s been a very Kenwood Christmas!

Oh, and also – the emergency spare pudding, which kept P together while I snoozed:


Was this recipe. (makes more than the 4 cupsworth expected)

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