Tweets on 2010-12-20

  • @mpntod UK's equivalent of 555. 07700 featured on Peep Show this week. #
  • @Meryl_F not having it stinking out the whole house! And it's far too cold outside! #
  • Campaign to Tax Other People gathers force. #
  • @Meryl_F even conservatory has been below freezing on coldest nights – certainly colder than fridge! #
  • I've had no Martin Amis so far this weekend, so I'm looking forward to getting at least 9" tonight. #swapsnowinatweetwithmartinamis #
  • 1272 Plain Bob Minimus quarter peal for carol service and in memoriam a ringer from Llandudno who died last month. #
  • Was planning to make macaroons with the leftover eggwhites, but now I'm not so sure. #
  • @Pe27ach in all prob there will be only two of us eating it, so will probably reduce the ingredients a lot! #
  • @Alexander_Ball Tim Minchin live? if so cor! If not, still cor but less so. #
  • @Alexander_Ball grrr that totally passed me by despite being on Minchin and arena mailing lists! #
  • Pork steaks with jerk marinade, leftover Choc peanut cheesecake #nomnom #
  • @agnt_orange still better than outside! #
  • Just call my private line on 0115 496 428. #
  • Thiniking is probably too cold to do the washing up. #
  • Putting on some the layers I usually reserve for camping. Admiring the Shell Island fire scorch marks on my fleece. #
  • Richard Kemp is ace. Again. Calling Grant Shapps out. #
  • Actually, given the coughing and the feeling of my throat, it could well be that me feeling the cold not related to how cold it actually is. #

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