Erm, no, BBC, no.

Erm, no, BBC, no.

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Today’s shocking news of how few Nottingham boys have an expected level of reading ability is pretty poor. The City Council’s view is that the numbers are made much worse by local teachers boycotting the SATS tests that formed this league table.

But it’s not helped by this map from the BBC.

Their labelling of the cities in the East Midlands – the distinctive dark blue shapes – is all completely wrong in the map above.

“Telford” is actually Derby, “Derby” is Nottingham – the distinctive hook shape at the bottom is Clifton – and what is labelled “Nottingham” is Leicester.

Telford is actually in the West Midlands and shouldn’t be on that map at all.



3 comments on “Erm, no, BBC, no.

  1. Nick Hodder says:

    Oh wow.

    Nothing like good research eh? Pretty poor.

  2. Chris Mills says:

    Their mapping has been crap for some time. They need to fire their GIS technician and get someone competent. If I made maps like that I would be out on my ear!

  3. Nick Hodder says:

    However, seems to have been update on the BBC now.

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