Tweets on 2010-12-14

  • Today is Full Council. Have made my awful speech. Not a day for levity. #
  • Invited speakers from universities made v good contributions. #
  • Conservative Councillor making the most awful, smug, complacent, ill-informed contribution I've heard. #
  • Lab lining up to knock down awful Con speech. Lib Dem Cllr Long putting boot in. #
  • Using my 10,000th tweet to confirm I still oppose tuition fees. #
  • @NCCLols nope, can't quite read that spreadsheet on my phone. we will be told if education debate ever ends. #
  • @NCCLols gotta cash figure? #
  • @NCCLols we were expecting 60m. Expect.other cuts from other pots. #
  • Lab deputy interprets financial settlement for Nottm Council as worse than expected. #
  • Cllr Collins getting a looong way off topic. But quite entertainingly so. #
  • Shadow Mayor Jon Collins says mayors are a crummy idea. #
  • Drivin round east Nottm trying to score a tobble but no-ones dealin #
  • @rfenwick @hendopolis horns and pigtails on a steam engine. Destination Valhalla! #
  • "A demain!" / "No, you da man!" / "Why is she laughing?" #
  • @dr_nick what did you do?! #

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