Tweets on 2010-12-09

  • @sarabedford is either of those things is even true? He certainly doesn't speak Russian. #
  • @owenblacker Barnum all over. No-one went broke underestimating public taste / intelligence. #
  • *sigh* I haven't used TextAnywhere since 2004, and they are still sending me a monthly nil statement. #
  • What was Nick Clegg's "flip flop" hand gesture / mouthing about / aimed at? #pmqs #
  • A key part of the temperature control system has apparently frozen. (@ Loxley House) #
  • The 5k Council Xmas tree now appears to have a lot of smaller cheaper friiends #
  • RT @dan_lepard: Chocolate Brownie ideas: bourbon pecan rye+hazelnut choc chestnut #
  • @journodave ooh congrats on C4 gig. #
  • Flying visit home to feed cats then back on't road. #
  • Bah. By the time you've put on enough clothes not to die outside, you're too hot anywhere indoors. #
  • @kayray I never realised me and. John Lennon were ever alive together. #
  • Goodness, Dr House gets smallpox. I can't wait for this episode to air in the UK, sounds exciting. #
  • Love and Liberty: Labour and So-Called Green Party Leaders Both Disgusting Hypocrites – Anyone Surprised? #
  • @NCCLols heresy! #
  • For six months, I lived near the Paris Pont Alexandre III bridge. I didn't recognise it at all in the snow. #
  • So is this Telegraph story sensible or hot air? NUS not exactly saints, Telegraph neither. #

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