My letter to Cowley Street

Here’s what I’m writing to Cowley Street, the Lib Dem HQ.

Not quite as cutting or detailed as Richard Huzzey’s, which we’ve published over on LibDemVoice, but no less heartfelt.

Dear Liberal Democrats

Re: Cllr Alex Foster memb no XXXXXXX

Following today’s Tuition Fees vote I should be grateful if you could please amend my Direct Debit membership fee so that I pay the federal minimum.

I no longer wish to receive Liberal Democrat News; please cancel my subscription.

Yours sincerely

(To be honest, LDN has been arriving every week and it’s been months if not years since I last did anything with it other than recycling it unread and unopened.)

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice


One comment on “My letter to Cowley Street

  1. Grammar Police says:

    I think this is the most principled, and probably effective, thing one can do if you disagree with this issue.

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