Tweets on 2010-11-25

  • Wandering round supermarket unprepared again. Will spend a fortune and still have nothing for tea tomorrow. #
  • Ooh, but ooh! Pouches of ready made crÉme patissiÉre in both Choc and vanilla flavours… #
  • Looking forward to catching up with the Travails of the French Hottie on #cdwm #
  • And tonight, if you don't mind awfully, I might have a Wee Drinkie. #
  • @RuthJohnson50 @MitchBenn @RufusHound I'd have hoped a Lib Dem MP could spell "supersede" #
  • RT @BrilliantOrange: Just for the hell of it, somebody ask Sarah Palin about the situation with West Korea and Narnia. #
  • @RufusHound pff. #
  • @RufusHound absolutely – I only read the Mail when it agrees with me. #
  • Moist-eyed at the gay edition of Don't Tell The Bride. Dan and Mark, living the dream. #

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