Tweets on 2010-11-05

  • Oh, nt #
  • Oh my, someone made vastly too many "Madeira 2000" decorative tiles #
  • Possibly the quickest ever transit from wanting to see wicker to never wanting to see wicker again. #
  • In the absence of signs to Trad Madeira House, have followed signs #
  • to Parque temático. #
  • @Psythor mine is the chronicically neglected http://www.alexfoster. in reply to Psythor #
  • @MadameNottm not me! I keep finding P's lying around, he takes it off to moisturize, wash, wash up… in reply to MadameNottm #
  • In deserted theme park on my own, outnumbered by staff 50-1. Embarrassing doesnt begin to cover it. #
  • On to the trad craftsman huts where staff stand chatting and smoking until you show up then pretend to weave and pot and wicker. #
  • Ooh, a ghost train. And me the only rider. #
  • Every, creepy speaker stones singing trad classics in shrill children's choir voice. #
  • Okay, now to get rental tank out of multi storey without scratches #
  • @JohnBM parque temático, Santana, Madeira in reply to JohnBM #
  • Weirdest thing about that theme park was that it was a mix of every other place I've been. #
  • Restaurant Miradouro (@ Cabo Girao) #
  • have to give rental tank back today. was supposed to meet guy half an hour ago but still no sign. #

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