Tweets on 2010-11-02

  • Not entirely sure what's going off, but think selfish parking on a mountain top means bus driver doing manoeuvre of his life to turn bus … #
  • Manoeuvre completed, passengers applaud. #
  • Definitely a chestnut -based festival – liqueurs, soups, cakes, roast chestnuts, chestnut garlands. #
  • Very entertaining people watching at bus stop. Long queue of mostly pale English, French, German, Dutch. #
  • Eventually entire queue realised bus not coming as pressure of traffic closing off roads. #
  • So angry queue stalks up the mountain, some via road, others using verada stairs. #
  • There's a bus at the top but it's very full and not everyone can get on. English queuers get very indignant. #
  • Some people have queuejumped! The horror! #
  • Another bus promised in 20 mind (although timetable says another 2 hours.) #
  • Meanwhile. Nowhere to sit and no shade. Some people look burned already. #
  • Traffic jams all over now. Policia and bus conductor getting stressed. Locals out on balconies laughing and pointing. #
  • Some people so jealous of place in queue, refusing to move for reversing bus. #
  • Another bus finally here. Potuguese guy who has been sharing conspiratorial looks with me leaps through door almost before bus even stops #
  • I'm finally aboard. Lots of muttering from Northern Europeans about disorganisation. #
  • And we're off. 5 times as many disgruntled people left behind as seats on bus. #
  • Now eye opening trip back down mountain, bus honking at every corner as it takes all the road to turn. #
  • Have had lovely evening meal in Grand Cafe Columbus, by cablecar terminus. #
  • A young multilingual waiter complimented my Portuguese. I have about 8 words, all learned last Tuesday. #
  • Bill came. Kinnel, that was cheap. Outstanding vfm. #
  • @ramtops bottom heat? in reply to ramtops #
  • Have rented a car. They've given me a Megane. #
  • Arrived at São Vincente Volcano Centre shortly before the start of #
  • a guided tour. #

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