Tweets on 2010-10-19

  • @dr_nick Get a Bosch. in reply to dr_nick #
  • @dr_nick they're good. They're long lasting. They're A rated for energy efficiency. Not that expensive given that they don't go wrong much. in reply to dr_nick #
  • @dr_nick yup. We tried to get old one repaired, and repairman said, forget it, buy a bosch. So we did. Think we probably have a classixx in reply to dr_nick #
  • @dr_nick but they have loads of different models and if you want fancy one that can autodetect how heavy your washing is, they do that too. #
  • Mystery painting in post today: poss Nottm castle. Giftwrapped but no explanatory note. Intriguing. #
  • Planning briefing earlier; group meeting tonight. (@ Loxley House) #
  • Joel Derfner's evil genius in responding to notes about his gay wedding: #
  • @MitchBenn isn't that the point? gays are evil, doncha know. in reply to MitchBenn #
  • No need for #testittuesday this week as toaster adequately tested the smoke alarm for me this week. #

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