Tweets on 2010-10-12

  • Cherry picker at front of Council House. Must be nearly time to start putting up Christmas decorations! #
  • Tory councillor just back from safari hol. Bit of good natured ribbing about shooting things and coming back with tusks. #
  • Moving council business around so Education chief cllr can get on train to lobby education minister re BSF. #
  • Flushing bright red after standing up in my capacity as group whip to give the apologies of colleague who was sitting right behind me. #
  • Question from resident trying to ban ball games on a playing field. Hmmm. #
  • Paean to Michael Williams, the retiring director of leisure and much else. #
  • @binny_uk oh, they try and do that too from time to time. in reply to binny_uk #
  • Tram motion authorising land exchange in Broxtowe is passed with Lib Dem support. #
  • Audit Ctte annual report. The atmosphere is electric. One of the most enjoyable civic events in the year. #
  • Sheriff of Nottingham seemed to like the suit. #
  • Now bussing it home – after checking seat carefully for chewing gum. #
  • @NCCLols they did have am excuse when they were shifting servers from Guildhall to Loxley, but now…? in reply to NCCLols #
  • RT @solearther: I think renaming Echelon to Facebook was possibly the most effective re-branding exercise ever. #
  • @cyningstan there's six of us, I ought to be able to keep track 🙂 He wasn't supposed to be there until later. in reply to cyningstan #
  • @helenduffett don't tell @markpack #predictable in reply to helenduffett #
  • @aligoldsworthy what's wrong with old chocolate? 🙂 ageist in reply to aligoldsworthy #
  • Llwyn Celyn has a plank and muntin screen passage, a spere truss, a dias bench and elaborate carved spandrels. mag #
  • @GaryDelaney what, no tunes? in reply to GaryDelaney #
  • *coff* *coff* *coff* *coff* *coff* *coff* . Bleurgh. *coff* #

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