My wedding, yesterday

So, back home. The cards are open, the gifts unwrapped and the contents logged. All bills have been paid ((including the beer bill from Nottingham Brewery who hadn’t warned me I had to pay in cash when I collected the polypins, and who just said – oh, take the beer and drop the payment in the next time you are passing)). All guests have left now and the quiet time alone begins.

And married life began with thinking a) why is the sun shining today and not yesterday? and b) Ooh, the sun’s shining – quick, get the laundry on.

My trusty Zoom H2 was there, sitting in the ceremony room discretely on the mantelpiece of the massive fireplace in front of which we got married yesterday at 1pm, making a recording of proceedings.

I don’t think I will be sharing with the world a full copy of the day, although I can probably make a CD for anyone who particularly wants it.

But I did just want to share the following second or so.

This is the noise my darling husband made as he was slipping my wedding ring onto my finger.



I’ll put a bit of explanation in the comments.


4 comments on “My wedding, yesterday

  1. niles says:

    He told me later – and planned to mention in his speech – that what was going through his mind was the part from League of Gentlemen where Papa Lazarou says “You’re my wife now“. When it came to his speech, he was a bit overwhelmed and forgot to explain!

  2. photos photos photos photos photos!

  3. Radinden says:

    Congratulations! (and good evil laugh too…)

  4. neil h. says:

    Congratulations again and best wishes for many happy years together!

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