Tweets on 2010-10-09

  • @willhowells I may have drunk some of those pints with him, but my records are not that detailed. in reply to willhowells #
  • @rfenwick why, thank you. Sorry you were left out but times is hard and places is limited. in reply to rfenwick #
  • @rfenwick srsly you meant our wedding? Assumed you meant some other one. in reply to rfenwick #
  • *pathetic cough* *sniffle*. bleurgh. Ouch. *rusty arpeggio to get cobwebs off* *cough* *cough #
  • RT @Documentally: RT @CathleenRitt: When the Chilean miners get out & learn that they have #newTwitter they'll want to go back underground. #
  • Humming Ilkley Moor. #
  • Thunder and lightning have knocked the lights out and I can't see which is Cockburns and which is Croft. Still, any port in a storm, eh? #
  • Not so much "polishing" my dress shoes – more like "dusting" #
  • @willhowells worn down after years of use? in reply to willhowells #
  • Resigning self to thought I may not be able to read all of Twitter today. Thanks for all the good wishes! #

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