Tweets on 2010-10-07

  • Who’s Suing Whom In The Telecoms Trade? #
  • @hertsad that's itneresting: he's bringing one to Nottingham too! in reply to hertsad #
  • At Take Back Parliament meeting. (@ The Roebuck Inn) #
  • This cider is lovely. Marcle Hill. Very smooth. Can't be too strong – is barely touching the sides. #
  • Hmmm. These stairs seem more complicated than usual. #
  • Predictive text says I'm yankepede. Which is politer than I was aiming for. #
  • City is full of lots of very loud baby-undergrads wearing "pub golf" t shirts. #
  • @brightcecilia @imslp @rfenwick I thought it was spam and garlic? in reply to brightcecilia #

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