Tweets on 2010-10-04

  • @jamesmcgraw most vexed, b – how many letters? in reply to jamesmcgraw #
  • Interesting idea – media talked about Milliband brothers saga because there was nothing else coming out of Labour #
  • @WelshTories @iaindale – great turnout? Looks like three people, from your photo! in reply to iaindale #
  • Joe. My. God.: Knights Of Columbus Donate More To Fight Gay Marriage Than Fight Hunger #
  • Gah! *Now* our venue decides to do amazing special offer on weddings.,101116?nlp #
  • This is what chicken nuggets look like while they are being made. #
  • @iaindale hah, wasn't being terribly partisan, just read text, clicked link, and mismatch made me chuckle. in reply to iaindale #
  • Digging out the "planning inspector" suit for my minor part in ministerial visit tomorrow. #
  • Gah. So how long have texted tweets not been showing up? What now follows are a bunch of tweets that never showed up. #
  • SSHH – same sex handholding event at Brian Clough statue, as fundraiser for Pride – 27/11, midday. #
  • According to a transport email, Nottingham has "toped a poll". Not sure we should be using public money for that sort of thing. #euphemism #
  • P writing list of photos needed for wedding. Includes "A playing Bejewelled while P worries." #
  • Wandering around Dunelm in tshirt that says "Kitten" bulk buying vases and fake flowers. #masc #

  • Cat helping make table decorations. #
  • Has got cold feet. Not about wedding, but literally. Got out of bed to put socks on. Still cold. #
  • @CllrIainRoberts worryingly no mention of Scotland in that article. Hope Sheffield doesn't stop planned Nottm stop too. in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • @CllrIainRoberts yup, and is classic case of affecting a lot of places going through, but benefitting relatively few. in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • A house becomes a home when you can write "I love you" on the furniture. #

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