Pudding club: apple crumble fudge tart

This is what I made last time, and it went down a storm.

You need a pie crust – I tend to make my own shortcrust pastry ((not puff or filo tho)) , but I’m sure a bought one would suffice. Usual amount. Used a cake tin rather than a pie tin for once as I was aiming for a high sided tart. However, I rolled the pastry out, lined the tin with it, added in the baking beans – and while it was in the oven, the high sides collapsed a bit. I ended up trimming almost all of the sides off, leaving not much more than a circular pastry base. Next time I shall have to support the sides better.

The pastry was my usual 8oz flour, 4oz butter, 1oz sugar whizzed together, then one lightly beaten egg added followed by however much water you need to bring it to a dough. I didn’t have time to chill before baking, and the mix was not much harmed for that.

While the shell was blind baking for 20-30 minutes in a 180 deg C oven, I made up the apple part of the tart, by peeling and cubing two huge bramley apples, then simmering on a low heat with a tiny amount water, a good spoon of cinnamon, some sultanas, half a lemonsworth of juice, and about four dessert spoons of sugar. Although you don’t want it too tart to eat, you shouldn’t oversweeten it because the fudge crumble topping is a massive extra dose of sugar.

The crumble topping is roughly a 3:2:1 mix of flour, butter and sugar. 300grams flour, 200grams butter and 100grams sugar will make way, way too much, so scale down to about 200grams flour, 100 grams butter and 70grams sugar.

And when I say “flour”, for a crumble, it gets so much nicer if you add lots of interesting things to it. So end up with 200 grams of flour, oats, chopped nuts and the like before you whiz it with the butter and sugar.

There is no need to clean the food processor inbetween making the pastry and making the crumble topping, assuming that the food processor bowl isn’t actually sopping wet. It’s basically all the same ingredients anyway.

This recipe also called for about 100 grams of fudge cubed small and mixed in with the crumble topping after whizzing.

I had spare apples and spare crumble topping at the end of this, so they went into the fridge and came back out as another apple crumble a few days later.

So, into the now-cooled and baking bean-free pastry case, add the apple filling, and sprinkle the crumble topping on top until it’s good and thick and return to the still hot oven for a further 20-30 minutes until the fudge crumble topping is golden brown.

Serve with cream or custard.

And then debate what to call it. Is it an apple tart with fudge crumble? Apple crumble fudge tart is a worryingly vague about precisely where the fudge is located. Apple (fudge crumble) tart might work in type but is clunky in speech. Hmmm


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