Tweets on 2010-09-22

  • W00t! Party colleagues have come to talk to us – and they've brought pork pies! #
  • @ajmy it's a quid pro quo arrangement – Clegg will approve Cameron's speech before it is delivered to Tory conf. in reply to ajmy #
  • @Tijs_ Cameron saw Clegg's speech and Clegg will see Cameron's before it is delivered. in reply to Tijs_ #
  • @LeonBaloo increase in personal allowance is not for everyone, but basic rate taxpayers only: in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • CAn anyone recommend any typing exercises to try and fix the problem where you CApitalize TWo LEtters of each word rather than the first? #
  • @LeonBaloo exactly – that means more rich people will be taxed higher to pay for allowances scheme. People over threshold do not benefit. in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • @leonbalo : "higher-rate taxpayers won’t benefit from the increase in the allowance… they are actually going to be worse off,” #
  • Key LDV activity currently focussing on "MaltaWatch" as Chris Huhne speaks, @stephentall @markpack #
  • @dr_nick only works in Word! in reply to dr_nick #
  • @LeonBaloo wtf? 900,000 lowest paid taken out of taxation entirely, paid for by higher rate taxpayers. How is that not progressive? in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • @alexfolkes srsly, the worst line in the huhne speech your spotted was "I can announce" ?! in reply to alexfolkes #
  • @WarrenPearce yeah, ta, spotted fairly quickly and switched to mobile twitter while they sort it out. in reply to WarrenPearce #
  • @pimlicat hope to see you at Liberal Drinks, shortly before Glee Club? 🙂 in reply to pimlicat #
  • @LeonBaloo you're now classing top two quintiles of earners as "lower wages" ? in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • @dr_nick most of my typing is probably in email, web browsers etc. Don't actually write that many documents. in reply to dr_nick #
  • @leonbaloo the higher tax bracket is being extended to people who earn amongst the highest in the country, why call it lower wages? #
  • @leonbaloo perhaps you'd prefer benefit cuts, VAT rise and NO redistribution from highest to lowest earners? #
  • @LeonBaloo we're trying to *unscrew* the country – turns out it's no fun at all! in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • @LeonBaloo Clegg's big thing yesterday was "judge us by end of 2015" which concerns those of us up for election next year too. in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • @LeonBaloo and don't forget vast majority of actual spending not announced yet – waiting for CSR in October. in reply to LeonBaloo #
  • Have you parked in the arena carpark? There's vital information in tomorrow's conference daily on how to claim your reduced rate parking. #
  • Eek is that the time? I am going to Lib Drinks, honest! #ldconf #
  • Baltic Fleet barkeep says delegates have drunk him out of nitrokeg beer – and if they didn't brew their own real ale we'd have drunk all … #
  • RT @facesake: "…let's stick with regular Monopoly, the game is crazy enough as it is. How can an iron be a landlord?" #
  • Hehe, guy alone in pub tapping earnestly into phone. Walk past and see he's playing Angry Birds. #
  • I ❤ (@ American Pizza Slice) #
  • One tiny, tiny little bottle of sherry can't hurt, right? (@ Tesco Superstore) #
  • A really excellent pub. (@ The Baltic Fleet) #
  • Stop it, @CharlotteGore you're breaking @dabr. Spaces, please. in reply to CharlotteGore #
  • I was feeling ever so slightly guilty about the tiny bottle of sherry until I saw @willhowells' twitter feed. #
  • @CharlotteGore I am not The Man, cher Charlotte. I am A Man, a man with a broken twitter and a glass of sherry. in reply to CharlotteGore #
  • I have been to Glee Club loads over the last decade and have no recollection of Paddy Ashdown's Joke. #
  • Nick Clegg "demonizing bankers" on midnight news. Fine by me. #
  • @CharlotteGore James Last CD? in reply to CharlotteGore #
  • @CharlotteGore I never thought of you as an ice bitch if that helps? More of an evil banker needing oppression. in reply to CharlotteGore #

  • Not sure I recognise this roadsign #
  • Wow – haven't seen this before. A Deaf guy signing from platform with an interpreter speaking his words. #ldconf – the only UK Deaf cllr. #
  • Excellent contribution from Cllr Stephen Dering there. #ldconf #
  • @gesinegesine Liverpool – apparently it points to Chinatown. in reply to gesinegesine #
  • @nikkithomson apparently, but still ringing no bells with me. in reply to nikkithomson #
  • Just read Cable speech. Hooting at some of the lines. This leftwinger v happy with it #ldconf (@stephentall) #
  • @stephentall maybe I'm not as leftwing as I thought 🙂 in reply to stephentall #
  • Good grief, this vote is incredibly complicated. #ldconf #
  • Checked out at 8.15am, which was a bit of a shock to the system. (@ base2stay) #

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