More on Nick Clegg Q&A

Yesterday saw the first Q&A of the Lib Dem leader since entering government. We covered it on Lib Dem Voice with a live tweeting session, Stephen Tall’s excellent live-blog and we also recorded it for posterity.

Because quite a lot of what was said might be useful for campaigning purposes, and because in the fullness of time we will want to hold Nick Clegg to account for his answers, I asked BOTY-nominee and Total Politics List star Caron Lindsay to mobilise an army of volunteers to transcribe it from our slightly ropey recording.

Caron and her volunteers have done a fabulous job, and their transcription is available here on Google Docs.

Q&As from past conferences

It is of course, not the first time that Nick Clegg has made himself available to delegates to answer questions and reassure conference members that all is well with the parliamentary party. Here are two more occasions from the archive when LDV recorded a Q&A for posterity:

March 2010: defending his remarks to a newspaper about Thatcher. Helen Duffett reports for the Voice.

September 2009: a recording of a Nick Clegg Q&A from conference.