Worth a second outing: historical BOTYs

With the success of the most recent Blog of the Year still ringing in our ears, I thought I’d dig through the archive and bring you the tapes from the previous incarnations of the event.

Marvel at our clipped accents and the comical costumes we wore as we take this trip down memory lane.

Firstly, Jonathan Calder unearthed some footage of the very first BOTY ceremony with guest speaker Alex Wilcock. This was way back in 2006 when the world was as a younger, kinder place.

I’m not aware of any recordings from 2007 – if you can help fill the gap in our archives, do please let me know.

So, flying forward to 2008, in March, the Campaign for Gender Balance had their own, never to be repeated CGB Blog awards.

In September that year, the fabled Zoom H2 made its first appearance at conference and captured this piece of historic footage.

2009, and another year of BOTYs can be found here.

And of course last night’s ceremony is still here.