Final details for our Fringe tomorrow

Many many thanks to Lib Dem Voice editor Helen Duffett for organising our major fringe event tomorrow. She’s been hunting around the country for the best talent to speak to us, and has overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles to bring a stellar event to the conference.

Hall 1B is a lovely room with a giant set of seats sitting on an enormous turntable, for reasons that will probably become clear if you come and see the fringe.

Without further ado, our speaker lineup is:

Evan Harris
Susan Kramer
Will Straw

The title is:

Fairer? For Whom?

As will all our fringe events, we are planning to record the event using our trusty Zoom H2 and make the recording available as a podcast right here on the Voice.

Tonight of course, the BOTYs reach their glittering climax, and the tape of that should be with you before daybreak, flakey hotel wifi permitting. A full list of the shortlisted bloggers can be found here, and mere hours from now the new winners will be revealed.

EDIT: Dates and times:
Fairer? for whom?
Sunday, 19th September 2010
13.00 – 14.00
ACC Liverpool, Hall 1B

Blog of the Year awards
Saturday, 18th September 2010
22.00 – 00.00
Hilton, Grace Suite 1