Daily tweet posts should be back

I have finally figured out what was stopping me upgrading the twitter plugin in on my blog. What follows will be incomprehensible unless you vaguely know about computers like me.

Twitter changed their authentication system to OAuth. Twitter Tools plugin upgraded, but needed PHP5 to work. Dataflame used PHP4 on my blog.

I asked Dataflame to upgrade me. They did.

Twitter tools plugin still didn’t work.

Check cPanel – definitely says that I now have a version of PHP > 5.

Plugin still not working.

Today I re-read the help email I got from Twitter Tools “your file is still being executed under PHP4”.

Logged in with cPanel. Played with PHP configuration tool. Found an option to say “which version of PHP should files be executed under.” Choices are PHP4, PHP5, Server Default. Change to PHP5.

All is now hunky dory. Apparently the plugin can now run.

Now this place should be fairly automatically be updated every day, even when I don’t blog. Thanks for your patience.

Why, yes, I am prevaricating. Thanks for asking!


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