Tesco in this week’s Pod Delusion

I’ve a piece in this week’s Pod Delusion talking about Tesco and planning permission – slightly drawn from my experience of sitting on Nottingham’s planning committee when Tesco are trying to get a permission out of us.

You can find the recording here.

One comment on “Tesco in this week’s Pod Delusion

  1. sarah swindell says:

    I’m really hoping that you can keep Tesco from the BBC island site – it’ll decimate the small shops in the area.
    In particular, there’s one on Sneinton market, Murat, a Turkish shop which formerly housed Gusto, which makes the loveliest Turkish bread like this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkish_pide_bread_from_london.jpg
    Tesco really has enough of a presence in Nottingham without having another shop.

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