Tweets on 2010-08-19

  • Kicking off planning ctte with chair of Civic Soc getting her copy of Cllr Arnold's book autographed. #
  • Well, as of now, Sutton Passeys is a conservation area! #
  • Sitting in carwash listening to radio. Which means I've forgotten to unscrew aerial. #
  • @doctorvee I think one finger is more universally rude – only the brits seem to see two fingers as an insult. in reply to doctorvee #
  • @CllrIainRoberts it's the same thing that got in way of me watching Sherlock – over 7 days since last episode aired. 😦 in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • ZOMG!! There will be METAL DETECTORS at #ldconf this year!! #
  • (I knew those goth leather straps would be useful sometime) #
  • Srsly, I found the goth straps while I was tidying, left over from a halloween costume, and I've been itching to put them back on ever since #
  • Blimey, this neck strap is a bit tight. #
  • *sigh* I think I must have thrown the guyliner and manscara away. #
  • @kayray do you have skips over there? Or are they dumpsters or something? in reply to kayray #

  • I liked a YouTube video — "Dragostea Din Tei" Live #
  • Getting the wanderlust again. #
  • @helenduffett Liverpool. Then Wales. Then Madeira. Then head down for elections. But I wanna go to Bxl, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius, Krakow… in reply to helenduffett #

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