Tweets on 2010-08-17

  • RT @madeupstats: The average cost of a sex doll* has decreased by $5 within the last decade.

    *Allowing for inflation #

  • Lots of intrigue at Wed's planning ctte, including terracotta baguettes, a drive-thru coffee shop and a data centre. #
  • Amazon's emails go from frighteningly accurate targetting to today's "as someone who has previously shown an interest in books…" #
  • In view of sudden headache, I'm putting off til tomorrow what I could do today. #
  • Noooo! Last week's Sherlock not available on Virgin's version of iPlayer. #
  • But, but, but… There's weeks worth of Mongrels but no Sherlock? #
  • Ooh, Mongrels Uncovered, thobut. #

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