Tweets on 2010-08-15

  • How does buying morning after pill on net work? You need it quickly, not hang around for postage! Or are people stocking up? #
  • RT @ianvisits: Overheard in Westminster – "It used to be Tony Bair, then some Northern guy and now somebody else." #
  • @austinrathe yes, me too. in reply to austinrathe #
  • @artesea no, but it helps. The sooner you can take it, the better. Surely you'd always be better going to a pharmacy than trusting post? in reply to artesea #
  • Purchasing remedial fruit and salad. (@ Marks & Spencer Simply Food (St. Paul's)) #
  • Impressive. Lots of people eating, no bins, and yet hardly any litter. (@ St. Paul's Cathedral) #
  • Have really relished opportunity to eat lunch alone, without talking to anyone. How do Londoners cope? #
  • @jamesgraham you WILL build a clone army *waves hand parallel to ground* in reply to jamesgraham #
  • @rfenwick are they recruiting volunteers? V impressive. There aren't even bodies. What guns are they? in reply to rfenwick #
  • When Orange finally sort out their network and I get a proper signal again, I shall unleash such a torrent of photos it won't be true. #
  • Singers trying to anaesthetize their raw, bleeding throats with icecream and strepsils. #
  • One of the tenors is referring to robing up as "puttin' on the red dress." Evensong is gonna RAWK(-sanne). #
  • The cavalry have arrived in the last few minutes in the form of a bass who sight-sang the Howells better than we've rehearsed it all week. #
  • Said bass extremely welcome shot in arm. V helpful indeed. #
  • Well, we survived evensong. Phew! Then we sang a hymn which actually included the words OMG. #
  • And under the hymn, it said "First published in The Spectator, 1712." The magazine has barely changed in 300 years! #
  • I'm on a boat! #
  • Playing the choir equivalent of Snake, wandering around the cathedral in lines trying not to bump into walls. #
  • Ooh, this looks entertaining: "the intercessionary prayers will be led by the community in their own languages" #

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