Tweets on 2010-08-10

  • Passing up the opportunity to eat at somewhere called the Dubious River Cafe. #
  • Full day of rehearsals in crypt at St Pauls then singing evensong at 5. Tonight: Sumsion in A and Balfour Gardiner Te Lucis. #
  • Nothing quite so depressing as the sound of altos practicing alone. Really? That dirge is what you have to sing? #
  • Is St Paul's Cathedral really not on Foursquare? #
  • Toastie warm here. Wearing a cassock and supplice is not ideal in August. #
  • Totally batty Old Testament reading tonight. Lots of people being slain and dropped in a cistern. #
  • @owenblacker orange network is seriously terrible atmo – both Nottm and London struggle to net and make calls. 😦 in reply to owenblacker #
  • Oh, dear. V heavy rain. Didn't bring anything waterproof away with me. #
  • Tramping over Millennium Bridge in the wet. Everyone's shoes are squeaking. #

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