Tweets on 2010-08-02

  • What a hilariously poncey thing to do to sausage rolls. #
  • Still a shame they couldn't find a print of Braindead. (@ Broadway Cinema) #
  • RT @agorley: "Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book." Cicero, circa 43 BC via @WritersRelief #
  • RT @willhowells: I don't know how many calories are in last night's leftover prawn crackers, but if I don't know they don't count. #
  • Prawn crackers: the calories leak out overnight. After 2 days, there's nearly no calories at all. #
  • RT @tweetminster: Osborne: banks must get it right on lending << well, no crap. We wouldn't want them to get it wrong. #
  • Prediction: @CharlotteGore comes back from the US with pearly white teeth and talking like Hugh Grant. #
  • "There's a ho in our security. She's called Debbie." #sherlock #

  • It's a little cocktail I like to call a B104. #
  • P stirring cat food. "My teaspoon brings all the jelly to the top" #
  • @kayray what needs doing? in reply to kayray #
  • @kayray ps after years reading I am a reasonable mine of Archers trivia in reply to kayray #
  • @kayray hmmm, started to type, then realised twitter may not be best for answers like this 🙂 in reply to kayray #
  • @kayray Lynda Snell, married to Robert, incomers to village, live Ambridge Hall, were once wealthy but recession… #
  • @kayray … recession sent IT Robert to Handyman Robert and Lynda up to work reception at Grey Gables. Lynda terrible snob, perennial… #
  • @kayray … perennial director of Ambridge panto / christmas show / anything vaguely artistic. Historic rivalry… #
  • @kayray … historic rivalry with Larry Lovell of Felpersham Light Operatic Soc, or FLOPS, from whom recent costumes were burried. #
  • @kayray burried? I mean borrowed. #
  • @kayray Nic is William Grundy's current flame, has kids from prev relationship. William Grundy is elder of two boys of Eddie and Clarrie. #
  • @kayray George is William's son by former wife Emma… or is he? Historic drama had William's brother Ed as Emma's affair and poss G's dad. #
  • @kayray William Grundy is responsible gamekeeper, feckless Ed "will never amount to anything" but currently responsible herd manager. #
  • @technicalfault That's not for real, surely? impressive tho. in reply to technicalfault #

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