Further details of my speech to Pride

I did give essentially the same speech this year as last year.

Last year, I was deeply chuffed at retweets and mentions my blog post got, and it half appeared that some people thought I was headlining at Pride and giving a huge political speech to a crowd of thousands. I didn’t try particularly hard to disabuse them of the notion either.

In fact, almost certainly more people will engage with the material than heard me speak on the day.

Whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

This was the crowd before I began speaking. There were 5 or so when I started and about 30 by the time I finished. The ones at the end probably missed entirely the humour at the start, so perhaps I should rejig the speech if I am invited to give it again next year.

What happens at Nottingham Pride, which is great, is that in addition to the two stages of live music and all the stalls, they also have a “Speakers Corner” – as a way of preserving some of the politics of Pride, and remembering it’s not just a party. As well as me speaking, they had Cllr Jane Urquhart and a rep from Unison.

Two omissions from my speech – I think if I were giving it again, I would touch on the David Laws débâcle and the very current stuff about Clare Balding.


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