Tweets on 2010-07-31

  • @gilescoren we obviously don't love you enough to fork out £1 to Murdoch, in reply to gilescoren #
  • xkcd: University Website #
  • Read this and this at the same time and thought Shepway has a leaflet about stealing roof lead. #
  • Ah, was that the sound of @helenduffett throwing her hat into the ring for the nomination to be Lib Dem London mayoral candidate? #
  • You win this time, Riso Squirrel, but I shall ultimately prevail. (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • RT @GaryDelaney: Thinking of investing my life savings in a company that makes wedding cakes, but I'm worried it will all end in tiers. #
  • @kayray the Archers thrives on chrs who annoy everyone. Kathy will fade and we can go back to hating Linda or Helen or Joe.. in reply to kayray #
  • @lordbonkers there are many places *near* Porthmadog that are much nicer than Porthmadog itself. in reply to lordbonkers #
  • Plus can't say, read or think "Porthmadog" without also thinking "Hi-de-Hi!" (@lordbonkers) #
  • @kayray have you seen my old, unupdated family tree that I'm amazed is still on the web? in reply to kayray #
  • Right, that's it. No more prevaricating. Getting down to writing speech now. After just one, maybe two max levels of Plants vs Zombies. #
  • Word of the day: "homogamy" for same sex marriage. Cf heterogamy. Might use that in my Pride speech. #
  • Reading the right-on. Also apparently not allowed to say "opposite sex" as men and women are just "different" not necessarily "opposites" #
  • RIght. Finally finished the speech. If you're in Nottingham you can swing by the Forest Rec and hear me deliver it, 11 hours from now. #
  • @lordbonkers Is staying AT Portmeirion beyond the budget? in reply to lordbonkers #
  • @jamesgraham don't we also advise new controlling council groups not to take the "difficult decisions" and yet govt doing just that. in reply to jamesgraham #

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