Tweets on 2010-07-13

  • There's scaffolding on the dome. Wonder woss going on. #
  • Humdinger of a Full Council today: BSF urgent item. Rehabilitation themed debate. Children Plan. Tram extensions. #
  • First up: should the Council acquire land to get the tram running? All tram items need a supermajority: 2/3rds of members. #
  • (all other items simply need a simple majority of members present) #
  • Oh dear. My apols, I have been misled. A simple majority is all that's needed. And a simple majority was easily achieved. #
  • Lib Dems in Nottingham continue to support the tram. The Tories continue not to. #
  • Onto BSF. We have an amendment for this. Labour Councillors wants to waste even more money suing the Government. #
  • Goodness. Just got properly angry in a speech. And think I raised my heartrate more than I've managed in a week in a gym. #
  • JoCo on his feet saying "don't defend the indefensible." The irony! He's a past master of exactly that. #
  • @alanfleming sit ups do that to me every time. in reply to alanfleming #
  • BSF debate ends with Labour pledging to waste public money suing the government. #
  • Now we're on to serious debate about the rehabilitation of offenders. #
  • Full council. (@ Nottingham Council House) #
  • 12,000 on housing waiting list. Last year only 2k properties became available. And of those, some offenders need housing too. #
  • @lan3y no news from govt since decision originally made. Have to assume continuing unless told not. in reply to lan3y #
  • @lan3y coalition have line in support of tram. We're all crossing fingers. in reply to lan3y #
  • If not later #

  • There's quite a lot of scaffolding inside Exchange Arcade too. #
  • Backbencher asking if he's speaking on the consumptive motion. #
  • Outrageous! CX just rejected LD amdt effectively accusing our councillor of lying. #
  • Cx: "we cannot verify the data in the amendment" us: "here's the source" cx "but you could have made this up" eh? #
  • It's now 8pm and we're about to return to Questions, the agenda item deferred from 2pm to take urgent items. #
  • @NCCLols about HMIC review of Notts police force and authority. in reply to NCCLols #
  • Either I misheard last week, I misheard now, or childhood obesity in Nottm dropped by 7% in the last 5 mins. #
  • @Alexander_Ball I might not be giving a full picture of what's going on here 🙂 in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • Much more positive debate around Children & Young People plan. All in favour. #
  • As a result of council's efforts on teenage pregnancy, 45 fewer young women had babies this year. #
  • Strong urge to abuse alcohol, chocolate or both #
  • Watched Burn After Reading: #
  • Watched Michael Clayton: #

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