Tweets on 2010-07-06

  • Sitting eating breakfast in Barmouth enjoying the spectacle of a static van delivery lorry trying to negotiate the one way system. #

  • Looking for a chapel for rent? (Barmouth main drag) #
  • Switching my head from campsite to council. #
  • Is this our last evening group meeting at the Council House? (@ Nottingham Council House) #
  • @ChristofHughes we were camping on – t'was (mostly) fantastic. in reply to ChristofHughes #
  • @dr_nick very hairy 18 hours Sat night / Sun morning when gales damaged tent! in reply to dr_nick #
  • Amazing to think a car can drive to the other end of the country on no more than four buckets of petrol. #
  • RT @VizTopTips: COTTON buds are ideal for cleaning out your ears, despite the warnings on the pack telling you not to. /via @ThisLeeNoble #
  • @rfenwick yeah, that, in spades. There are some good people in co-op movement, but… Still, they do have their own tld. in reply to rfenwick #
  • Suprise appearance of Christopher Biggins on Mongrels. Playing God. Unfortch IT Crowd not available on Virgin catchup 😦 #

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